Disclaimer and Privacy of Information

1. Use at own risk.  Free will.

2. All readings and/or advice are for entertainment purposes only. 

3. Parental permission is not accepted and must be 18 years and older.

4. Tarot Moon Light gives readings and information with her heart and intuition, but readings are not 100%guaranteed. Refunds will not be given.

5. Tarot Moon Light is not responsible for actions taken following readings and/or advice on Personal, Financial and Medical matters. 

6. Tarot Moon Light is not a professional counsellor, financial adviser or a medical practitioner. Please contact a professional to discuss the issue.

If you are in a crisis please contact your local Crisis HelpLine.

7.  Personal information such as Full Name, Phone Number and Email is kept confidential.  This personal information is collected in the chat, contact, and book Online.  The information is used for contacting, giving out email promos and used for contests.

8.  By booking online gives Tarot Moon Light to collect personal information of your pay pal account and Creditcard information that is needed to complete the sale.

9.  When a third party is involved to collect private information,  permission will be asked if you wish to continue further.

10. The testimonial will be posted as written by you but initials will be posted rather than full name to keep the privacy of your name.


11.  Some but not all designs-photos are used by vecteezy.comwww.vecteezy.com/editor, freepik.com, pixaby.com, pexels.com, pngimg.com and spark.adobe.com. Thank you to the artist for their creative work. Please check out the amazing designs.  Highly recommended

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18 years older

Entertainment purposes only

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