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* Party Readings are available 7 days a week

*Please book your readings 24+ hours in advance.  


Due to the low price, I am not accepting same day booking for Special Fridays or Special Day readings. 

Dear Friends,

My prayers are with you and your loved ones during this time Corona virus is spreading.   Let your loved ones know how much you love and appreciate them.  

This virus is spreading quickly. In the event I  become ill, I will need to close down for a while.  A notice will be posted on my website just like this note.   The same goes for the future if I become ill.

Email is the best way to contact me. If I don't respond quickly Please do not be alarmed.  I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

Please be safe my friends

God Bless






Welcome my friends.  My name is Rosemary. 

I am a gifted advisor for over 30 years.


My gifts are

Clairvoyant (seeing the past, present, future) Clairsentient (empath)
Claircognizant (clear knowing) 
Clairaudience (hearing ) 
Medium (Communicate with spirits)


Mediumship is not as strong as the others, but souls do come to me from time to time when needed.


Starting from a young age, I had this gift of being able to see, hear and feel.  In my early 20s, a friend of mine gave me a deck of Tarot Cards. I soon was able to study the cards and read for my friends, then I went public in 2017.  I can say, I am confident with my gift. 

If your wondering about my business name, I have broken it down to 3 words.

In the end, Tarot  Moon  Light comes down to 1-word ENERGY.  

In the last five years, I began studying the
Laws of Attraction, Chakra Healing and Meditation. It has brought me healing to my Body, Mind, and Soul. 


Practicing this daily,  I was able to align myself with the spiritual world. Clients point out that they instantly feel a connection with me.

Testimonials will be scattered throughout different pages. They are confidential with initials.

Contact me today, and feel that connection.

I am located in Ontario Canada, if you are anywhere in the world I still can read you!  Thanks for the Internet!  Phone and Text readings available.

Tarot Card of the Month


Butterfly Affirmation

by Alana Fairchild

 Soul-searching, Introspection, Solitude, Withdrawn from society, Meditation, Self-reflection


The Hermit is where we are now taking time away to reflect on our lives and where it has brought us today.  We need to reflect on what works and doesn't work in our lives,  how much we appreciate those we love and surround us on a daily basis. 


COVID19 is a good wake up call for us.


It is time to begin reflecting on our life.  If it is bringing you anxiety and fear, now is a good time to talk to a psychiatrist or counsellor that can help you manage the big change that we are experiencing.  By doing so, you shall be prepared for the next big event.  Do not fear, isolate your self and protect your self and others.  You can meditate, listen to the music of any faith, walk, and eat healthily.

Things happen for a reason at times. For example, you say you dislike your job and your life,  you wonder if this is the career I should be doing and you hate working long hours.  If you are one of those unemployed,  this happened for a reason.  It is a sign that its time to be strong and do what it is you always wanted to do. Be strong and do not fear.

During this time think about what is really important happiness or misery, what is it that you always wanted to do?   Do I really need that big-ticket item when I should be spending on what is important?   This is a time to think about all the important things in life rather than materialism.  

If spending time with your partner was an issue before well,  April will be a good month to spend time together.  learn to communicate, do special things together where you don't have to spend money.  Enjoy watching movies, cook together, play games etc.  Just enjoy the love and support that was always missing.  



"When you change, you are noticed." TML

"I just had my first reading with Rosemary..what a wonderful and a beautiful soul. She was absolutely amazing we had such a great connection. She made me feel better about what’s happening in my life and where it’s going even with the bumps along the way I’m excited to see 2020!"

"Change is your wheel of fate." TML

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Psychic readings are based on what I see for you. What comes out is based on the energy that I pick up from you. 


Readings can be conducted by







Online or Phone readings are more requested. I prefer to conduct my readings that way. So, I do not have an office to meet in.

I can travel to your location or a specific safe location where we can meet. I am located in Mississauga, Ontario. Please contact me for more information on the distance that I can travel


*extra charges apply to travel

Tarot cards are my added tools to confirm what I am seeing.

Some spreads can be used based on the answers you're looking for.

The way I see it, my cards tell me a story about you!


These are the decks I use


* Rider-Waite



   Fairy Tarot Cards

   The Romance Angels

   Angel Answers

Butterfly  for Life Changes

Magical Messages from the Fairies

Messages from your Angels

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins

*The Angel Tarot- Jayne Wallace


*Tea Leaf Fortune Cards- Rae Hepburn


*The Akashic Tarot- Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor


*Lenormand- Marcus Karz and Tali Goodwin

* Butterfly Affirmations- Alana Fairchild



The Tarot and Oracle Cards 



Having a Party?  

Cottage Party

Office Special 

Lunch Party

Special Appreciation Days

for your Employees





You name it! I will be there.



*Minimum 6 or more people

*Small party Max  stay 2 hours

*Larger party Max  stay 4 hours with a small break in between to refresh

*10-15 minute private per person

extra charge for extra time

* Group Reading max 1 hour

Good for a quick go around

*Charges for travel outside the local area

*Online Party Readings

Book Today! 

"Excellent work! You really understand me. I love connecting with you and how you reveal other pathways. Your positive guidance is very encouraging and your insight is invaluable! Thank you very much, Tarot MOON Light."




Are you in need of a positive direction with your life in areas of love, work, finances, and self-esteem? I have sessions where we can sit down and discuss your experience. I can guide you toward being positive and how to work with the universe. During the meetings, my gifts can be used. We can develop a plan and follow thru with it. Sessions are daily, weekly, monthly or 1 time.


fees apply same as readings

As we are all going thru life and struggles, we don't know where to start and end.

Life coaching is a simple way to talk about your issues and work on a positive and objective plan.

Contact me today for further details

Healing Prayer

One of my best free service I can offer you is my healing prayer. All you have to do is contact me. Let me know what you need me to pray for.

Life Coach